Clear Sky , 14 °C / 57 °F
Ekati Mare Hotel in Corfu Island

Ekati Pool Bar

Bask in the sun and dive in the crystal blue waters of our outdoor pool and Jacuzzi at Ekati Mare. Relax by the pool on your comfortable sun loungers, sipping one of our signature cocktails . Watch the sun reflected on the surface of the water playfully and enjoy every single moment, from dusk till dawn at Kavos Corfu.

Come and enjoy moments of relaxation
in the Ekati Pool Bar

Ekati Mare Pool Bar it is the perfect spot to soak up some Greek sun while enjoying fresh snacks and refreshing drinks!

In the summer, the space of the swimming pool will be your favorite. Enjoyment, games and relaxation by the swimming pool, in the bright green and the peaceful environment. Hours of operation 10:00-18:00.

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